Monday, July 15, 2013

Rain, wet, moisture...Mushrooms

It has rained non stop for weeks here in north Georgia.  It has been great in some aspects, the temperatures have been milder, but the wetness and moisture is miserable.  Humidity has been high and even if the temperatures are low, when you step outside you are soaking wet in just a matter of minutes.  The one thing that I have been seeing a lot of with all this rain is an abundance of wild mushrooms.  I am not one that is tempted to find edible mushrooms and eat them, but I do find them to be curious and love to squat down and take a look at how they are formed.

There are so many different kinds of mushrooms, it's really interesting to see the pictures of them.  I've read that there are over 10,000 mushroom species in North America.  It amazes me that there are that many different kinds of mushrooms.  Living in North Georgia, we don't have that many different kinds, but the ones that I come across are always interesting to stop and look at and snap a picture, if I have my camera.

I was surprised to find out we have a mushroom club in Georgia.  Now that would be an interesting club to join.

I think one of the exciting aspects of mushroom curiosity is that they make wonderful photograph subjects.  I love to get a picture of a mushroom to see if I can find out what species it is, it's like being a mushroom detective!

Snapping a photo of a mushroom in the wild gives me a chance to practice my photography skills and use different angles and lighting approaches.  And, it gives me something to ponder on and research.  It's just good fun to learn something new!

 Because of the moisture mushrooms are everywhere around my place.  Some of them are growing on dead branches laying on the ground.  Some on the bark of trees and some just at the base of tall, living hardwood trees.
I love the one that grow off the side of a tree on the bark.  They look like little woodsy sea shells.

There are all sorts of mushrooms growing.  I could spend all day searching for different ones and taking pictures of them.

I hope that the rain eases up a little bit so things can dry out, but then again it's nice knowing I don't have to get out and water my garden or worry about drought this year like so many other states.  I would like to send all of those drought burdened states a little "rain" care package to help them out!

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