Friday, July 12, 2013

Obsessed with a weed

Amaranthus spinosus
I have this weed growing in my yard out of nowhere.  It is annoying and has thorns on it, so it's very undesirable to have on the path to feed the animals.  My husband mowed it all down and it has popped back up and is growing stronger than ever.  Today I went out to straighten up my concrete pavers and I started to dig it up and I have a nice pile of it now.  I am going to toss it in the fire pit and burn it.  It seems to just be in one certain area and I am not sure what has brought it here.

I tend to wear flip flops outside a lot, it just makes it easier to spray off my feet when wandering around outside.  I also like to have them on to empty and fill the duck pools.  Every time I go outside with my flip flops on, I get spiked with one of the thorns on this weed.

Look at the thorns on these things!
I hope digging it up and getting the roots will eradicate it from my yard.  The chickens and ducks and goats just walk past it.  That makes me think that it's toxic and they know not to eat it.  So, no help from them, I'm on my own to get rid of it.  I don't want to put any sort of chemical down on the ground because the ducks and chickens and goats eat all around that area.  I wonder if vinegar would kill it?

My chickens aren't laying that well lately, and a few of them are molting.  One poor girl looks like she has been through the ringer.  I hope that they start to get their feathers back in shape soon.  I picked her up and a lot of feathers stuck to my shirt.  I have to say that was a very creepy feeling, like I had been holding a chicken leper!  The girls that are laying have found a new spot to make a nest and I am very proud they did, I put a cabinet up that we are going to make a two leveled nesting cabinet and now that they are laying on the bottom the next level will be just as easy.  Of course, once we get it all finished and ready for them.

I found your new hiding place!
In the meantime, they can lay their eggs on the bottom level all that they want.  I just hope that the other girls finish their molt and start looking like chickens again.

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