Monday, March 3, 2008

Headaches and Learning Curves

I started out with another blog in another spot and found out it wasn't where I wanted to be so I'm bringing it all to my view from the cheap seats. I am looking forward to building something here learning how to use all the buttons and doodads on this blog and I hope making it great !
I have been thinking about all the things that I would enjoy writing about and I am looking forward to being able to do that! So, lets get acquainted and as I learn you can learn along side me!

Our Trip to Florida:


We just got back from our trip to Florida and we had a great time. We ate at a wonderful restaurant called Clawdaddy’s in Crystal River, Florida.
We went to see a movie and we saw the film Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins. I like Martin Lawrence a lot but the film was just okay. I have to say the end where the credits roll is what made me laugh more than anything really! The kids had the same review. We are all looking forward to his next film the College Road Trip. We also went to the Wildlife Park and the kids enjoyed all the animals. It was the perfect weather, the kids even got a chance to swim it was warm enough for them, of course not for me to get into a swimming pool!


The trip went better than expected in the car with the kids. My oldest son drove and I read a great book by John Grisham called The Innocent Man. I have always had concerns about wrongful convictions and this book left me feeling numb and sick to my stomach with what happened to the men in the story. I have to say I was not shocked when I read the book. But, it did leave me wanting to do something more to get involved. I found a great website called Truth in Justice. If you want to read about all the wrongful convictions and the exonerations of people please visit. I think that there needs to be more done when there is a crime from the beginning of the investigation down to the trial where the juries are given ALL the information and things aren’t left out. How can a person get a fair trial when things are left out and the jury makes their decision only to walk out the door of the courtroom to find out all the information they were denied. That would leave me sick and cold for the rest of my life thinking that I had made a judgment against my fellow man and possibly convicted them for a crime they may not have committed. What a nightmare and its sad and scary that it happens a lot and there are innocent people in prison for crimes they did not commit. I think its due time that people start thinking about the fact that it could happen to ANYONE at any time. We need to pay more attention to who we elect and put into positions of power and control. I think that there is a loss of ethics once a person gets enough power in their belt that they lose sight of what they are there to do in the first place!

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