Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Cute Garden Ladybugs

I wanted to share a cute craft for the garden.  If you are like me you might have a garden bed that is lacking a lot of color.  It has shape and a lot of greenery but not a lot of color.  I have a bed like that, not because I don't try but because my dogs will not stay out of it and stomp anything I plant.  I have decided to create a bed of color with "things" instead of flowers.  My petunias and zinnias are giving me a little flower color in the broken birdbath I turned into a planter, and I have my elephant ears that give me some body in the bed with their big, broad leaves.  I have a couple little ceramic planters, but what was growing got drowned with all the rain.  So, I gathered some rocks from around the property. I soaked them in a bucket of bleach and water and then rinsed them and set them out to dry.  The next day we painted them red and dotted them black.  I am going to let my quick crafty lady bugs put a pop of color in this bed. 

This is a great craft for the kids to do and will give them a bit of pride when they see they have added their own art to the landscape.

A quick, all over coat of red on a washed and dried rock

Ready for the black dots

Black dots, a couple of eyes, and some antennae, with a little happy smile and we have a cute garden  ladybug

What a great way to let the kids create a few artsy crafts that will add some zip and color to any garden bed or flower pot on the porch.  I am going to get some green paint and we are going to try our hand at making some rock frogs too.  I will share that craft when we get all of our supplies.

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