Thursday, September 13, 2012

Fall IS coming!

 The weather is changing and I get that excitement inside me that fall is fast approaching!  I know better than to give way to the thought that the wonderful weather will remain and fall is here for it's duration.  But, how can I help but love the weather lately and how it makes me feel so excited about apples, pumpkins, cool nights by a fire and all the soup and stew we can eat!  Fall IS coming and I am ready to jump on the bandwagon!
 This will be the first winter for our beautiful hens, and I am anticipating getting their house ready for the cold.  There is a lot of work ahead for us to prepare their house and get them ready to keep warm.  We had some really hot summer days here and I worried so much about my birds getting over heated.  Now, I get to worry for months about them being too cold.
Shown here, as pullets, our sweet chickens have now grown up and are giving us plenty of eggs.  I just love all of our chickens and they are adequately spoiled and come running just to the sound of my voice!
 Our baby turkeys are all grown up now, and are so big and fat!  They are so ugly they are cute!

 All of our Indian Runner ducks are growing up and have yet to start laying, but they keep the yard lively with all their laughs and conversations and they certainly are not afraid of a turkey, chicken or puppy!  They are so entertaining!

Now with the addition of the baby goats and all of our little puppies, we have quite the farm beginning.  It amazes me to see how far we have come in a year and a half since moving here.  I almost can't imagine not living on this land with all of our creatures instead of creature comforts, we have a rich life wrapped warmly in love and the basics of life.  It's been frustrating adjusting, but I think I am getting there as well as the kids.  We all had to learn how to live like this instead of  jumping in the car and being at the nearest fast food restaurant or shopping mall in a matter of minutes.  I have to admit, this life is much better for us all!

So, I am happy to say bring on Autumn, let the leaves fall and the cool nights turn into cool days too and the softness of the sun just warms your face as the cooler breezes bring chills to your skin.  Let the nights come earlier and the warmth of a glowing fire warm our hearts and our home.  Bring on apple peeling and pumpkin pie making, big pots of soups and hearty stews to feed our family night after night.  Let the greens turn to grays and browns and bring us those stunning leaves of reds and golds and yellows that brighten the dull sky landscape.  Let the pine cones drop to offer amazing garlands and fireplace mantel decorations.  I will once again drag out the jackets and sweaters and boots and another season will be upon us leading us into winter.  I am ready for fall and I am excited that it's almost here!

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