Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Time Flies

Time flies, seasons change and life goes on no matter how much we want to stop and smell the roses.  I haven't updated my blog in several months.  Mostly because I have been keeping busy with so many irons in the fire that I just didn't make the time.  After the loss of my chickens, we got rid of some dogs.  I got new baby chicks and just started getting eggs this week again, it's been really exciting watching my baby chicks grow up to beautiful hens.  We also started getting goats.  We got two goats in May, a 3 month old dwarf Nigerian billy and a pygmy that is whethered.  They are the sweetest things.  We then got a female dwarf in June and then two pygmy females as well.  We have 5 goats and all are happy and enjoying their new home. The two pygmy females were thought to have been bred, he wasn't sure when we bought them.  But, I'm sure now!  I am expecting them both to kid in the next few weeks.  Without a true breeding date, it's hard to know the true due date, but I'm seeing signs like the udders filling.  I'm excited to have babies soon.  We also have 2 gorgeous turkeys and 13 new ducks.  Our two mallards are giving us eggs and the ten Indian Runner ducks are just starting to grow up and run around.  We have one lone Muscovy male that seems to hang out with one or the other but no one really takes him in fully.  He doesn't give up, so I'm convinced he is going to make friends with all the ducks.

Our garden was a mess this year and the lack of rain and the extreme heat just fought us all season so we didn't get much out of it.  I was frustrated to a point then I just gave up hope and decided to worry about it next year.  We did get quite a few tomatoes though, they do seem to like that dry heat more than any other vegetable.

The best addition since my last update was my new camera.  My son got me a wonderful new Nikon camera for mothers day and I have taken so many beautiful photos with it.  I just love being able to take pictures again.  I will fill my blog up with photos now!  I have also done quite a few DIY projects in recent months.  One being a painted swivel chair that turned out amazing and we added beadboard wallpaper on the bottom portion of the walls in the living room and painted it barn red.  I will be finishing up the upper walls soon, making them look like weathered wood.  I've still kept up my addiction with Pinterest and found some great recipes and DIY projects I have tried out.  I love that site!

We just had a nice trip to Florida to visit my parents and enjoyed ourselves even though we had some minor gaffes like car trouble and a trip and fall for myself.  Not to mention it was all done in 3 days haha.  But, still nice to get away and do something fun.

School starts this Friday and life will be back to normal again soon for me, having them all out of the house will allow me to get a schedule and my life organized again.  Today we are getting senior pictures done for my son.  I'm very excited, I will be taking most of them just having the cap and gown and tuxedo shots done at the school.  My son's senior year, and my daughters freshman year.  Time certainly flies!

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