Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Senior Pictures

Today we went to have my son's tuxedo photos taken at school for his Senior year and we went out to do his senior pictures, the casual ones.  We had such a great time taking photos of him doing what he loves most, playing guitar.  School starts Friday here and I have to say I have that same feeling inside as I did when they all started kindergarten.  My middle son will be a senior and my baby, my daughter will be a freshman.  It's exciting and scary and sad all at the same time.  I hope they both have a great year!  My oldest is out of school and working, so I survived all of that I know I will survive two more growing up as well.

After school starts Friday, I will have a new routine and will be very happy to get things organized.  This last school year and summer has left me running around in chaos.  I have so many projects I want to dive into and I'm looking forward to having a lot of time to myself to get them completed.  I think the next few months will be fun and productive.

I am very excited that my chickens are laying eggs now.  We have over a dozen so far, well mostly chicken eggs a couple of duck eggs too!  I am so proud of my little chickens, growing up so fast and laying so quickly.  Now I will have to find some new recipes for eggs.  I know there must be a million of them I don't know of yet.  I'm open to any recipes anyone has that isn't an omelet or a fritatta, I know those already! :)

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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