Monday, March 12, 2012

Misfit Monday

Normally I am excited about Monday!  A day to get the house in order from the troops taking over all weekend and time for me to take that big sigh of relief that I have some time to do what I want to do.  But, today I'm not that excited about Monday.  I had a big mess in the kitchen that hadn't been cleaned up like I was told it would be, and I have a pounding headache.  That hasn't stopped me so far, but it may slow me down!  I watered all my seedlings and they are doing well. I am excited about my tomato seedlings, they are getting that next set of leaves on them now.  I cleaned up that mess in the kitchen my son didn't do, and I got things sorted and organized for today.  I found the best rustic shelf at a thrift store Saturday.  I got the paint I need to do a faux pine finish on my bead board wallpaper we put up, and I thought I will practice on this, if it turns out YAY and if not well I can just do it another color.  Its turning out pretty good so far.  I primed it, put on the base coat a colonial yellow and then started with a dark brown putting the wood grain on using a small artists brush and dry brush.  So far its looking good!  I'm almost finished with my yard sale chair I just have to finish around one arm and do the seat cushion.  I bought some jute to trim it all out with the fake leather fabric I think it will look really cute and rustic.  Once I get my shelf finished and my chair I am starting my walls to get all that wallpaper to match the other half of my room that has real bead board in pine.  I hope it all matches when I'm finished.  It seems there is never enough time in the day or week for that matter to get all the things done that I need to do around here, its a living project, always evolving!

I need to get up into the garden and hoe a bit and do some weeding, I noticed I had the weeds starting already the other day.  It's cloudy outside with showers threatening but I'm not sure if it is going to rain or not, you stand out there and say make up your mind please.  The chickens will be happy if it doesn't rain, they want up to run around and I was holding off this morning.  Speaking of running around, the baby chicks are scurrying all over everywhere.  I took them out of their cage and just let them loose in the kiddy swimming pool in my bathroom.  They seem to love that but they sometimes fly out and we have to capture them and put them back into the pool.  At least if they get out they chirp like crazy so I know what they need and can go right to their aid!  They sure are growing fast, one week old and have most of their wing feathers in really well and have gotten so tall with their legs growing long.  They are going to be very pretty ladies when they get all their feathers grown.

Normally I would have some sort of yummy tidbit to toss out, but I don't today.  I'm doing a standard pot roast for dinner tonight, nothing spectacular and well, to be honest I haven't thought past the meat at this point.  My headache seems to blur my thought process!  I will be a better blogger tomorrow!  Happy Monday everyone!


Susie Swanson said...

Your Monday sounds like mine, hard to get in gear after the weekend and the time change doesn't help ...hope you have a nice week..Susie

Family Best said...

Thanks Susie, I hope your week goes well too. I did get things done yesterday but it wasn't my typical energetic Monday that is for sure, I hope the rest of the week picks up speed, I'm still dragging this morning!

Anonymous said...

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