Monday, March 19, 2012

The List Grows, yet there doesn't seem to be enough time...

Each day around here, the list grows longer yet, there is not enough time in a day to get it all completed.  Is it because I'm getting older or the tasks require more work?  The garden needs to be weeded, the day I have the time to work in the garden, it rains!  The roses need to be planted, the day I set aside for that something else comes up.  It is one thing after another and what I am praying for is more time.

The weekend was really unused because everyone had something going on, and when I had free time it was pouring down rain.  Yesterday, it was absolutely gorgeous, but most of the day was spent at church, so that time was quality time.  We got home and I was sitting outside deciding how to create a new pen for the chicks and the ducks when it is time, and I had wanted to do this and that but I was exhausted from all the running around I have been doing lately.  I threw my hands in the air I told my husband to finish up what he was doing and I directed the kids to get dressed we were going out to dinner and to a meat sale in another town.  We left quickly and got on the road.  The little restaurant was all country cooking and was fabulous.  We all enjoyed it and that is a rarity, when everyone likes the place.  We went to the meat sale at this little grocery store I didn't know existed in Blue Ridge.  They had can foods 2 for $1.00 and I was able to stock up on my "prepping" shelves with can foods as well as the amazing meat sale they were having.  It is unheard of lately to get steak at $3.98 a pound, so I was doing a little dance.  I got ground beef for $2.28 a pound and I haven't bought any ground beef lately for under $2.98 a pound.  I left the store with my great finds, my belly full of wonderful food and a relaxed, content smile on my face for the ride home.  We haven't had a nice family outing like that in a long time.  We all came home and the family seemed at peace.  There was no bickering or arguing and the night was very pleasant.

Now today, I am back to the daily outlook of look at this list and where has the time gone.  I have so much to do and I need to find a way to get it all done soon!  I hope that I will find enough time in the day every day this week.  Then, maybe, I might feel like I have gotten something accomplished!

Have a Miraculous Monday everyone!


Holly said...

It always feels so... good when you get a bargain and we can really use those these days with prices climbing ever higher.

no spring chicken said...

Time? Yea. Glad that you had a good time with the family... sometimes it doesn't take much to make you feel sane again. As for the pursuit of more time... good luck (and do tell if you get it find it. ;)

Blessings, Debbie

Family Best said...

Holly you are so right, it doesn't even matter what it is as long as it is a bargin haha!

Debbie, I am on that quest for time, but I think instead of wasting time hunting for time, I should just revamp my to do list and learn how to delegate, that might help? :)