Monday, February 27, 2012


(The old fence on our land, Rustic, worn and full of untold stories)

The excitement of the weekend stills comes upon me on Friday, as if I am a child still in school and have two days of carefree living.  However, they aren't that carefree anymore like when I was a child; But, I still love the weekends! Saturday wasn't very eventful for me, I had to bake cookies and cakes for fellowship on Sunday.  Although, I normally love to bake and cook, I wasn't really in the mood Saturday so it made it hard to enjoy.  I was so tired, honestly, I could of gone back to bed and slept all day!  The youth group from church was going to the movies, and my oldest was going out of town so that left dad to take my daughter to the outing.  I think they had fun, it is nice when the two of them spend time together.  I want them to have that special bond between father and daughter.

We have a chicken that is getting into the bunny hutch to lay eggs.  I get a giggle every time I find one.  Sunday, I found three!  It must be a good spot and the one chicken has told her friends and they all want to try it out. I get that vision of the Cadbury commercial in my mind where the bunny is clucking like a chicken when I think of the hens in his hutch.  I'm getting more and more eggs every week and that is exciting.  My dreams are coming true, finally, after feeding and caring for these chickens for so long now.  I was starting to think I'd never see an egg!

Sunday was the best day by far from the weekend.  Church was lovely and our Sunday school class is just so in tune and amazing, you leave the room feeling so up beat and positive for the week.  The service was, as usual, touching and positive.  As we move through our 40 days of lent, I feel a strong attraction to following the times of Jesus and what he went through during his life.  I love to read the scripture and follow the story of his journey to the cross.  Although, a feeling of sadness comes over me considering what he endured, a feeling of peace, love and hope over shadows that feeling with knowing that he died for our sins, and there was a purpose in the large scheme of things. Truly, no better gift could ever have been given to us and I am so thankful for it.  After church we went out to eat dinner and ran into to shop for pants for my middle son, who...drum roll please... GOT A JOB!  It has been such a difficult process for him to get a job.  But, finally after almost a year of consistent applying and trying, he succeeded.  Yay, I'm so proud of him!  We all came home and started working on my flower beds that I have designed in my mind.  We have so many downed trees laying there and it is such a waste not to re-purpose them somehow. I have decided to build all my beds from the trees, stacking two or three high, and securing them with very large screws to hold them together.  We have the first row of logs on both sides of the area now and I can see it coming together.  It is going to be exactly what I pictured in my mind.  The beds will be rustic, beautiful and perfect for years to come. So, today I will continue to shovel dirt and fill the areas with soil so that I can begin planting in the next few weeks. What a wonderful weekend overall!


Joycee said...

Oh my, you are working so hard! We did all our landscaping too when we built 7 years ago. It was really hard work but so worth it! So glad you found me so that I could find your blog...come visit often!

Debi said...

I always Friday to feel like Friday and the weekend is on it's way ... even when I retire (one day). I feel the excitment of the weekend too. I remember being so involved with my children in the church youth groups. It seems we were always so busy coming and going, taking and picking up. Sounds like you're getting your ideas ready for sprig. Very cute the chicks in the bunny hutch. I thought about the Cadberry bunny to.

Family Best said...

Debi, I'm the same with the weekends, I don't think that feeling ever goes away when you are excited it is Friday! I wish I could find some tiny bunny ears to put on the chicken and take a photo of her, that would be a hoot with her in the bunny hutch!

Thanks Joycee, you have a lovely blog, I'm glad I did find you! You are right it is hard work to do the landscaping, but so rewarding! I sat there yesterday just admiring the work we got done and imagining what it will all look like when I get it planted. I'm so ready for spring to get here haha said...

I'm so happy about you finding your chicken's eggs! It is always a thrill for me to find eggs, every day. It never gets old.


Chai Chai said...

Finding a job these days is no simple task, great job at persevering!

I chuckled at the eggs in the rabbit hutch, if it only were that easy to get chocolate!

Family Best said...

Thanks Lana, me too! I have just started with chickens this year, and when they all hit that 6 month period I was deflated when I had no eggs. I kept my positive spirit though and at 8 months I was getting an egg here and there. Now I'm getting about 3 a day and I am so proud of my ladies!

I agree Chai Chai, it is not easy to find a job these days. And, teenagers are having less and less chances because the adults need the jobs to feed their families. It is such a blessing that he found this job and can learn what it is like to work and earn a living. I think it's good for teenagers to build a little responsibility working toward adulthood.

Wouldn't it be nice to go out and find some chocolate eggs in the bunny hutch. Mmm, what a treat that would be :)