Friday, February 17, 2012

Spring is lurking!

Winter on the farm can look dreary for the most part, but there is something very nostalgic about this broken down fence line.  It draws me to look at it and wonder what people, what animals and what greener pastures were here before us.  Perhaps, my wonderment is why I haven't knocked it all down yet!

Taking long, winding, walks brings a new perspective to life when you are out among nature.  Just taking in the simple things that God has blessed us with and appreciating them can really lighten a winters heavy heart.

I am looking forward to spring and seeing some greenery and color, of course I'm not discounting the green pine trees we have everywhere.  But, blooming dog woods and strange unknown bushes and wild flowers do stimulate the senses and touch my heart.  I know that day will be here soon, if I can only hold out and not start trying to plant flowers that will freeze before their time!

Until spring arrives, I will take every glorious sunny day and hold it dear to my heart.  As I wait for those light breezes, bright mornings and cool evenings where the stars fill the black sky like twinkling Christmas lights, I will appreciate the glory of winter a few weeks more.  Rain to feed our soil, wind to blow the dust away and cold, crisp days that take your breath away are still upon us, but will be laid to rest as soon as the warmth of spring that is lurking, arrives.


Mamma Bear said...

Love the pictures, especially the worn fence!

I can't wait for spring. We have had a lot of spring like days which we normally don't have, We usually go from hot to cold and cold to hot. My seedlings I started are wanting ground to stretch out in!

Family Best said...

I love this worn fence in our pasture, I think I'm going to plant sunflowers up against it this year. My seedlings are too and I can't wait to get my hands in the dirt and plant. I'm with you, I can't wait until spring really gets here. All these warm days are just a big tease!