Friday, February 17, 2012


Oh dear, I think I have found a new toy!  If there is one thing about me, it is that I'm usually the last to get on the train of anything.  I still am reluctantly fighting the cell phone although beginning to give up my resolve as I find they can be convenient.  Of course, I'm the last one in the house without one!  I joined facebook and thought "what do I do now", slowly learning how useful it is to share photos of the kids to family all over the United States.  The new timeline? Well, lets just say I have it but I'm again thinking now what? But, what I have found that I am very excited about is this pinterest.  This is right up my alley, where I can put photos and set up boards with things that I like, and look at other peoples boards that like the same things.  I think I'm in love and this time I'm not fighting it, I'm getting on the train!


Farmers Wifey said...

Oh I'm on the train with you! I've also just discovered Pinterest and I am loving it..I was up until 2am the other night just pinning photos of things I love for my new house!

It's very addictive..I'll look for you there and follow you! Michelle

Family Best said...

I feel so guilty that I spent so much time playing on it yesterday, but you can't just stop at one board! haha My son said I knew you would like pinterest, it's like it was made for you!
I'm glad I'm not alone with my addiction then! I'll look for you too :)

Jackie said...

I love it too and I use every week for recipes especially. I'm already using things I pinned months ago now getting ready to garden. Thanks so much for visiting and following my blog. I'm following you now as well. Have a great Saturday.

Family Best said...

You have a lovely blog Jackie, thanks for following mine too!