Wednesday, February 15, 2012

They can make me laugh!

Dealing with teenagers should come with a free sample of Tylenol!  Don't get me wrong I love my children with every last breath, but they do know how to push our buttons.  I do love those moments when one of my kids really makes me laugh.  Even out of frustration you have to stop and laugh.  This morning our chihuahua, Ziggy, jumped up in my chair and over my shoulder and down my back to get warm.  Of course, scratching me down the back as well.  I grumbled at him, and my daughter looks at me and says "do you still lovvve him?" I looked at her still frustrated with Ziggy and the searing sting down my back from the scratch and replied, "I still love you when you make me mad!" She replies "Good to know!" Well, that just made me laugh!  Does that mean she is hatching some sinister plan now to test the theory? Teenagers today just make a parent go "huh?"

I have to commend that father that shot his daughter's laptop after her disrespectful rant on Facebook!  I think more teenagers need a reality check these days, to let them know they don't really know it ALL, nor do they have it so bad!  Of course, in their minds without them parents would sit drooling on themselves all day long.  It is hard to remember being a teenager and I know we probably said, thought and did the same things just in different formats.  Oh how we get paid back for what we dealt out when our parents were looking at us and saying "huh?"

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