Friday, February 24, 2012

Bunny Wars

The stillness of early morning really fills my spirit. I get up very early, before anyone in the house, to sip my cup of tea and just ponder on thoughts that fill my head. I feel close to God, as I have my morning chat and rattle on with him about things he already knows and understands, yet I'm still learning. I am thankful that I have God there with me all the time as my constant companion. Sometimes words are never needed, just the feelings in my heart are enough for our conversations.

This morning, when I let the dogs outside I could feel it is still warm outdoors. We were expecting rain that would cool things off again. I am happy that we may have another warm day, yesterday was gorgeous and it made my spring fever even stronger. I know better than to let Mother Nature fool me, but I yearn to do something, anything that requires planting and beautiful flowers. I was outside gathering small twigs to hot glue on my self-watering pot I made the other day. That turned out so cute. I had some fabric that looks like burlap and I gathered it all up around the neck of the mason jar where the other part meets and tied a red ribbon. I'm quite proud of my creation and now have to do the same to the other two I made.

I had another day of bunny drama and finally have sorted out the trouble, I think! We have one bunny that has chewed through the wire on his hutch, and I didn't know that when I let the other buck out into the yard to play. I was standing in the kitchen window looking out and saw this white fluff flying, and dropped everything to run out and break up the fight. I grabbed the one bunny by the scruff of his neck and carried him into the chicken pen and let him run around. I originally was worried about letting the rabbits in the chicken pen, due to being pecked. But, they have dug into the chicken pen so many times that the chickens couldn't care less about them. I had the boys move an old hutch into the pen so that he can live on that side of the fence and the other buck can have the rabbit yard all to himself. We house our two females together in our old chicken tractor. They love that they are always able to run around. They have ten kits between them and they are starting to run around now. They are adorable when they are babies! I hope that I have finally found the right solution to the bunny wars and that we don't see anymore drama. Of course, I know when I say that I mean for today!


luckybunny said...

Ah good old bunny wars! I'm glad you got it sorted- at least for now. The boys can be a real handful when they want to be :) My chickens have always got on well with the rabbits too, they seem to tolerate each other well :)

Family Best said...

Yes they can be a handful, but since I have this new arrangement they lay next to each other on either side of the fence. No fighting or attempting to fight. Strange little boys those bucks can be sometimes.

I was concerned about the chickens and the rabbits. I had read things about chickens pecking rabbits and injuring them. I also read where people successfully kept them together. So, I am very happy that the chickens don't seem to care about our little boy in there, and I am sure it helps that he keeps to his own business too :)