Thursday, October 14, 2010

What happened to modesty?

Normally I try to contain my rants and raves but I just have to speak out on the morals of manufacturing. What happened to yesteryear where people dressed modestly and did not want every aspect of their being hanging out? Today's messages to our young people are so warped and lack all value and morals. I appreciate people wanting to be individuals, to stand out in a crowd; but do we have to do it almost naked?

Last night we had a family outing to Walmart to find a Halloween costume for my daughters school dance. My daughter is at that age where she is still a child but is wearing more adult sizes, so we are in a quandary with modest things that I will buy. As we start to look through the costumes I realize that almost all of them are meant to put a woman in a sexual light. Skimpy, short and barely there on most of them and the ones that do cover you up are the witches and the ghouls and the ghosts. That leaves little choice for a young lady to find a costume that is appropriate for a school dance and follows the guidelines for dress code and that is allowable by a parent that does insist on her daughter dressing with some modesty in today's time. Even the simplest raggedy-Ann or Dorothy from Wizard of Oz has gone sexy with over the knee stockings and a skirt length that would barely keep anyone warm on a cold October evening.

Not every woman that spends her money in stores wants to look like she just left a strip club. There is very few choices in mainstream retail stores for a lady to look like a lady. It is very frustrating trying to raise a daughter in today's society, that wants our children to look like they are much older than they truly are; what happened to children being children and letting our kids grow up before subjecting them to all the adult things in life? It truly does frustrate me when I have to go out shopping. School clothes are a battle with all the styles leaning to adult fashion and so many of the kids are wearing what society deems fashionable for a child. I do not plan to budge from my way of thinking and I will continue to buy things that are appropriate for my daughters age. Hence, she was delighted to find a costume that went to her knees and did not show off much of her top. She tried it on and looked really cute! Thankfully, there was one cute costume that did not send her to her school dance looking like a monster!

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