Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A Spooky Night

The entire family was excited waiting for darkness to arrive. The first night of the haunted corn maze in our town was fast approaching and the wait was building the anticipation. Autumn brings cooler evenings and a nice meal of clam chowder and crab cakes seemed perfect. We all had a nice dinner together talking about what we were expecting and about how much fun this time of year is for all of us. We discussed pumpkins and carving them together and who would win this years annual pumpkin carving competition. After we finished our meal, it was time to gather our jackets and head out to the pumpkin farm.

The cool crisp air left our breath fogging when we laughed and talked in the long line. It felt like half the town was there already. There was a petting area off to the side for the kids to go and pet the animals while the parents waited in the line. They had some cute animals to pet, a llama, some chickens, a goat and a baby pig. There was a lot of laughter and chatter in the line with everyone so excited about the haunted maze.

Finally, we reached the beginning of the line and our turn was next. Our daughter was the most excited and couldn't wait to start the maze. We started out it was pitch black and the ground was uneven under our feet. The scent of hay and corn was heavy in the air. It was so hard to see and you could hear other families screaming in fright as we made our way through the maze of corn stalks. We could hear the loud buzzing of chainsaws and a long blast of a car horn. Our daughter was holding tightly to her dads arm and following closely behind our oldest son and me.

Scary creatures would jump out of the stalks and scream out loud making even me and my husband jump in our skin and yell out from time to time. We rounded one corner where we were blinded by the constant blinking of a strobe light and we knew that there was something that was going to scare us next. We were right when a big skeleton flopped over out of nowhere.

A ghoul came chasing after us with the chainsaw and even though we had heard it all through the maze expecting it, we all ran screaming. We came upon a coffin with a scary creature inside and we bent over to look when something jumped out behind us and screamed, we all tore off running again. We were nearing the end when we had to step inside this black tent and it was so dark not even the light of the moon could shine inside. Our daughter was hanging on my arm tightly as she and I stepped inside and we both sunk down onto something. I just knew our feet were going to be covered in something icky. It was a wonderful illusion and as we stumbled off the mushy sinking ground we stepped out the other side just to be greeted by a scary skeleton ready to chase us again. The fog became very thick and we weren't sure what was coming next but suddenly we saw an opening and the end of the maze.

We all felt breathless and the adrenaline was still pumping as we walked the long trek back to the car. It was a great night for all of us and we had such a great time being spooked and scared.


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