Friday, February 5, 2010

Getting back into the swing of things

The holidays came and went like a firestorm and kept me and the family busy. I got out of the swing of things with my blog but I'm ready to dive in and get back to writing again. The family has been making some important changes and we have had some positive experiences. Working to convert to the Catholic faith has become a priority in our family and we are all working hard to get the work done to become confirmed in the church. The kids are enjoying it and I'm seeing so much progress in their interactions with each other. It is nice to see the kids blooming in their faith. The kids are the ones that pushed the family in this direction, so we are all working hard to make this a reality in our family. It is a lot of work but well worth the effort and we all love learning about history and of course about Jesus and his life on this earth.
Evan got a new guitar for Christmas and he has been working hard improving his playing and writing some of his own songs. I am so proud of him and watching his talent grow is impressive. Playing only six months now he amazes me with his ability to pick up a song and have it down pat in no time.

He's been putting some of his stuff up on youtube! He tells me he is going to become famous on there! I should help so I'm adding his link, subscribe and watch him get better and better!

My oldest Trevor has a band it is called Church on the Move and they are taking North Georgia over with their fresh sound and great vocals. They are getting more and more interest from people and getting some playing gigs together. They have some amazing video as well and they write most of their own songs. They do play some cover songs but their own songs are incredible. Check them out as well I am going to put their links up to show them off too! If you are looking for a great band for an occasion, consider them! The Ballad of Alexander Supertramp is fabulous and the video is haunting but serene. The Waltz of Yesterday is another magnificent song they have written showing off their skill and talent. They have a facebook page for the band that anyone can join to download their music or keep up on their latest events. They also have a myspace too to listen to their songs.

Give them all a listen and tell them what you think, they love to hear feedback! That is about all the catching up I have for my blog. I am going to get back to a routine and keep it updated. I felt so guilty taking so long to write, but then again I have been so busy time just flew by!

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