Monday, November 9, 2009


I've been adding new information on my website about Thanksgiving and of course it is an ongoing project. But, I do enjoy having a place to set up all my own. It is fun and I love adding new information, hopefully some day I will have some visitors to share it all with! It is nearing that time of year to start getting ready for the holidays, especially Christmas that sneaks up so quickly. There are some great ways to teach children about Christmas around the world and other ways people celebrate their holidays.

There are going to be some amazing discounts this year due to the recession and retailers struggling to stay out of the red. Everyone should take time to research their shopping lists and get the best deals. If you can stomach the crowds on Black Friday that is the day to hit the stores with your shopping list in hand. Make it fun go with someone you enjoy spending the day with, have breakfast out and create a new tradition.

Get organized this holiday season
to alleviate stresses and have everything running smoothly. It works out so much better when we do not have to stress over every little detail because we feel like we are forgetting something!

I am truly in the holiday spirit this year, more so than the last few years and am ready for it all to get rolling!

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