Monday, November 23, 2009

Nike the perfect Christmas Gift

The one thing that will be under our tree this year is Nike. The perfect gift for men, women, boys and girls is a new pair of tennis shoes or Nike sports clothing. The cold weather thermal tops are top notch when it comes to keeping warm on the field or when running in the colder weather. The Dri-fit technology works wonders keeping the bodies temperature regulated absorbing moisture and this is perfect when the weather is colder but activity breaks a sweat. The shoes have always been a great fit and a hard working shoe for any use. Nike has been a household name for many years and adorns the feet of youth athletes to professionals. There is no substitute for quality and endurance. Regardless, if you are shopping for the holidays or just getting ready for a winter, spring or summer sport, Nike is the way to go for the entire families needs.

Years ago Nike was a favorite of mine and I still remember the white tennis shoe with the red swoosh that I so excitedly wore to school to show off. Now, many years later I feel proud when my children show off their new Nike shoes with the same excitement. Being an avid walker I find that Nike never lets me down. Never a blister or feeling of tightness from the shoe nor a slip or slide in the heel, I always know I can get many miles out of a new pair. Purchasing cleats for my sons that play football, I can say that each year a new pair of Nike's will survive the entire season and could be used again and again, if they did not grow out of them. My daughter plays soccer and her cleats as well, take a beating and still finish the season looking almost as good as new. One product I must say has proven its quality is my sons back pack. It is on it's third year of heavy books and being tossed here and there and it still looks brand new. We have gone through more than one backpack a school year with other brands, but Nike never ceases to amaze me.

The colors and styles of Nike shoes is vast and it is almost hard to choose which ones to buy. The clothing is well made and pure quality. As a consumer of Nike, the product is well worth every dollar. This year our tree will have several Nike items wrapped delicately and placed beneath our Christmas tree, and I know that in the spring I will be prepping my tennis player and soccer star with more Nike products to get us through another season of sports. Once a true Nike lover always a true Nike lover and our affair started when I was a kid and not giving away my age, that was a long time ago. Purchase Nike this Christmas, as the saying goes "Just Do It" you will be happy you did!

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