Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Hunger in America

There is a report out by the United States Department of Agriculture that indicates there are 49 million Americans going hungry in our Nation. Seventeen million of them are children. These statistics are the highest recorded since the United States Department of Agriculture started taking the numbers in 1995. These statistics are shocking, knowing that there are Americans going days without food and children having to go to bed at night with hungry bellies not sure if there will be food tomorrow. The unemployment numbers continue to rise and more and more families are finding it harder to make ends meet. Food drives get a lot of media coverage during the Holiday season. In Atlanta, there are many different food drives and everyone that can should contribute food. Publix Super Markets, along with The Feed the Hungry Foundation and The Salvation Army. Customers are asked to donate food at any Metro Atlanta Publix store this holiday season, Nov. 2-Dec. 31.
Kroger and Comcast, B98.5 and CBS Atlanta work together with their CAN hunger food drive during the holiday season. If you are looking to volunteer your time there is volunteer match that helps match you to the right charity.

In the county that I live in the CARES program helps the hungry for Pickens County Georgia. The poverty level in our county in 2008 was 3,170 people and this is a very small area. The numbers are rising as people encounter job loss and pay decreases. Getting involved and helping out those that are in need is what America is about, neighbors helping neighbors.

Not only do families need food during the holidays, they need assistance all year long and if one person can help feed a hungry child, then we should all do what we can to help.

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