Wednesday, November 25, 2009

How to Make Quick and Easy Napkin Rings |

How to Make Quick and Easy Napkin Rings |

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

How to Make Cabbage and Beef Alfredo |

How to Make Cabbage and Beef Alfredo |

Monday, November 23, 2009

Nike the perfect Christmas Gift

The one thing that will be under our tree this year is Nike. The perfect gift for men, women, boys and girls is a new pair of tennis shoes or Nike sports clothing. The cold weather thermal tops are top notch when it comes to keeping warm on the field or when running in the colder weather. The Dri-fit technology works wonders keeping the bodies temperature regulated absorbing moisture and this is perfect when the weather is colder but activity breaks a sweat. The shoes have always been a great fit and a hard working shoe for any use. Nike has been a household name for many years and adorns the feet of youth athletes to professionals. There is no substitute for quality and endurance. Regardless, if you are shopping for the holidays or just getting ready for a winter, spring or summer sport, Nike is the way to go for the entire families needs.

Years ago Nike was a favorite of mine and I still remember the white tennis shoe with the red swoosh that I so excitedly wore to school to show off. Now, many years later I feel proud when my children show off their new Nike shoes with the same excitement. Being an avid walker I find that Nike never lets me down. Never a blister or feeling of tightness from the shoe nor a slip or slide in the heel, I always know I can get many miles out of a new pair. Purchasing cleats for my sons that play football, I can say that each year a new pair of Nike's will survive the entire season and could be used again and again, if they did not grow out of them. My daughter plays soccer and her cleats as well, take a beating and still finish the season looking almost as good as new. One product I must say has proven its quality is my sons back pack. It is on it's third year of heavy books and being tossed here and there and it still looks brand new. We have gone through more than one backpack a school year with other brands, but Nike never ceases to amaze me.

The colors and styles of Nike shoes is vast and it is almost hard to choose which ones to buy. The clothing is well made and pure quality. As a consumer of Nike, the product is well worth every dollar. This year our tree will have several Nike items wrapped delicately and placed beneath our Christmas tree, and I know that in the spring I will be prepping my tennis player and soccer star with more Nike products to get us through another season of sports. Once a true Nike lover always a true Nike lover and our affair started when I was a kid and not giving away my age, that was a long time ago. Purchase Nike this Christmas, as the saying goes "Just Do It" you will be happy you did!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Hunger in America

There is a report out by the United States Department of Agriculture that indicates there are 49 million Americans going hungry in our Nation. Seventeen million of them are children. These statistics are the highest recorded since the United States Department of Agriculture started taking the numbers in 1995. These statistics are shocking, knowing that there are Americans going days without food and children having to go to bed at night with hungry bellies not sure if there will be food tomorrow. The unemployment numbers continue to rise and more and more families are finding it harder to make ends meet. Food drives get a lot of media coverage during the Holiday season. In Atlanta, there are many different food drives and everyone that can should contribute food. Publix Super Markets, along with The Feed the Hungry Foundation and The Salvation Army. Customers are asked to donate food at any Metro Atlanta Publix store this holiday season, Nov. 2-Dec. 31.
Kroger and Comcast, B98.5 and CBS Atlanta work together with their CAN hunger food drive during the holiday season. If you are looking to volunteer your time there is volunteer match that helps match you to the right charity.

In the county that I live in the CARES program helps the hungry for Pickens County Georgia. The poverty level in our county in 2008 was 3,170 people and this is a very small area. The numbers are rising as people encounter job loss and pay decreases. Getting involved and helping out those that are in need is what America is about, neighbors helping neighbors.

Not only do families need food during the holidays, they need assistance all year long and if one person can help feed a hungry child, then we should all do what we can to help.

Monday, November 9, 2009


I've been adding new information on my website about Thanksgiving and of course it is an ongoing project. But, I do enjoy having a place to set up all my own. It is fun and I love adding new information, hopefully some day I will have some visitors to share it all with! It is nearing that time of year to start getting ready for the holidays, especially Christmas that sneaks up so quickly. There are some great ways to teach children about Christmas around the world and other ways people celebrate their holidays.

There are going to be some amazing discounts this year due to the recession and retailers struggling to stay out of the red. Everyone should take time to research their shopping lists and get the best deals. If you can stomach the crowds on Black Friday that is the day to hit the stores with your shopping list in hand. Make it fun go with someone you enjoy spending the day with, have breakfast out and create a new tradition.

Get organized this holiday season
to alleviate stresses and have everything running smoothly. It works out so much better when we do not have to stress over every little detail because we feel like we are forgetting something!

I am truly in the holiday spirit this year, more so than the last few years and am ready for it all to get rolling!

Monday, November 2, 2009

A Great Halloween!

We threw together a Halloween party this weekend to celebrate the holiday and for my son's birthday party combination. It was a great success and the kids loved all the food and fun the night had to offer.

The table looked amazing and the food was fun to make. Of course all the recipes can be used for any party table but adding a few embellishments made them spooky for Halloween.

Cat Face Taco Dip

One container sour cream
One packet taco seasoning
1 cup shredded cheese

Mix the taco seasoning into the sour cream well, spread in a shallow dish and top with shredded cheese.

Scary deviled eyeballs

One dozen hard boiled eggs, peeled and sliced in half
1 cup mayonaise
salt and pepper to taste
4 ounces room temperature cream cheese tinted red
green olive slices

Mix the yellow egg yolks with the mayonaise and salt and pepper until creamy, using a fork will help press out any chunks and will give more yield. In a bowl put in the cream cheese and mix red coloring until the color is what you want. Place into a ziplock bag and snip a tiny corner off. Fill the empty egg halves with the yolk mixture and then pipe lines on and smear with a toothpick. Once they look like you want them to, add a green olive slice to the center to look like a bloodshot eye.

Spider Eggs

This is an easy recipe for any party!

Frozen home-style meatballs from the freezer section of the supermarket
One small jar grape jelly
One bottle Heinz chili sauce (on the ketchup isle)

Throw it all together in the crock pot, set it on low and let them cook and when ready serve. Either transferring them to a fondue pot with Sterno or putting the crock pot on the table and plugging it in.

Skull cheese ball

2 packages of room temperature cream cheese
1 packet ranch dressing powder

Mix together well and put into the refrigerator to cool again then shape as desired. If not making a skull, roll into a large ball and roll in bacon bits or chopped pecans for coating.

All in all the night was a success, everyone had a great night and the food was almost gone. You know it's a good party when there isn't much leftover!