Friday, September 4, 2009

Childrens cancer golf tournament

It is childrens cancer awareness month and let's all start out September by finding an event to support a cure for cancer! If you are a golf enthusiast there is a tournament being held on Friday September, 25 2009. Get out and find a way to help children suffering with cancer.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Swine Flu

photo by Debbiep

The swine flu has made its way to our town and this worries me a great deal. A little boy died in the town next to us, and there are letters coming home from my sons high school indicating a teacher and two students have the H1N1 virus. I worried for so long and everyone told me not to worry, but here we are in a very small town and the H1N1 flu virus has hit the area. There is an elementary school that had an adult and two students with the flu as well. My doctor told me that the hand sanitizer will kill the germs on hands, and I'm having my children use it often. I told them to put it in their lockers at school to use there. When the H1N1 virus has found its way to a small town, then it must be heavy in the more populated bigger cities. This entire epidemic is very scary and concerning! Take precautions to keep the virus out of your home and protect your children the best that you can, that is all that we really can do!

How to Understand How Congress Works |

How to Understand How Congress Works |

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