Monday, August 3, 2009

Photos of visit

Family came and visited last week and we all have a lovely time! It was nice to see everyone and the kids enjoyed having their grandparents for a few days. We went to Amicola falls to show off the view of the water falls
We then hung out around the pool at their hotel.
It's a lovely little inn in Jasper the Woodbridge Inn and they had a nice pool surrounded by greenery. We also had a picnic at the park, that was a great way to enjoy the afternoon.
We took them to Ellijay, stopping off at the farmers market for some fresh peaches and samples.
Then into the old town square for a bite of lunch. It was a cute little hot dog and hamburger diner.
We strolled down the street and peeked in a few antique shops. It was truly a lovely weekend!

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