Tuesday, August 25, 2009

House full of sickies

This year is very scary for me with illness, and it started already! One came home coughing and congested and was down for two days, then my daughter started and was home for 2 days and my husband next. Now, my oldest is on the brink and that just leaves me left to catch it. I'm trying very hard to stay far away and keep my hands washed and the sanitizer flowing. I just would like one August where I didn't catch something from the kids going back to school. So far so good, but I'm on pins and needles every time one of them coughs or sneezes. I've contemplated getting some of those masks to make them wear, but then I thought that might be too much right now! I hope they all get well soon, having a house full of sickies takes up all my time with taking care of them and cleaning up after them and trying to keep the place as germ free as possible. Cross your fingers and let's hope that I can be the ONE that stays well through this bout of whatever it is!

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