Thursday, August 27, 2009

Free cookbook for kids

Photo by: ronnieb

Getting into the kitchen with your kids can create memories that last a lifetime. My daughter and sons love to cook with me and it makes dinner time family time and we all enjoy sharing that together. On top of loving to cook, I love FREE stuff too! Wisconsin Cheese is giving away a Free Cookbook for Kids! The sixteen page book can be downloaded and printed off for instant gratification, or it can be mailed to you and it takes six to eight weeks to receive. This is a great stocking stuffer for Christmas! Don't wait, get a Free cookbook today and get in the kitchen with the kids and whip up some memories!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

House full of sickies

This year is very scary for me with illness, and it started already! One came home coughing and congested and was down for two days, then my daughter started and was home for 2 days and my husband next. Now, my oldest is on the brink and that just leaves me left to catch it. I'm trying very hard to stay far away and keep my hands washed and the sanitizer flowing. I just would like one August where I didn't catch something from the kids going back to school. So far so good, but I'm on pins and needles every time one of them coughs or sneezes. I've contemplated getting some of those masks to make them wear, but then I thought that might be too much right now! I hope they all get well soon, having a house full of sickies takes up all my time with taking care of them and cleaning up after them and trying to keep the place as germ free as possible. Cross your fingers and let's hope that I can be the ONE that stays well through this bout of whatever it is!

Monday, August 17, 2009


Diabetes can affect an entire family no matter who in the family has the condition. It can be a tedious task to learn all the right ways to keep the family healthy and fit. There are great resources and information that can help a parent and children to learn all they can about the disease. I have diabetes and it really changes things in our household, sometimes its very difficult to make everyone happy with food. Especially eating out, when the family wants something that I shouldn't have, keeping up a positive attitude and making substitutions helps a lot. If someone in your family has diabetes you should take time to learn and discuss the disease with every family member. Don't leave the kids out of the loop they should know how things work as well and if a child has diabetes a parent needs to know all the emotions and levels of frustration that are going to be part of the child's life.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Little Tikes Recall

How many parent's have Little Tikes products in their homes? I know when my children were younger I had a lot of Little Tikes things. I loved Little Tikes, tough, rugged toys that I never worried about with my children. There has been a voluntary recall on Little Tikes workshops and trucks due to a choking hazard. Find out how to contact the company and what to look for to keep your children safe.

A child hit by a car

There was a sad story about a child getting off a MARTA bus with her mother and being hit by a car that crossed a double line. The child was in critical condition afterward, but later died. There are so many accidents and injuries to children and so many of them can be prevented. Perhaps, I'm a worry wart, at least my kids tell me that I am because safety is always forefront in my mind no matter what we are doing as a family. I just feel an ache in my heart for the family of this child and how the child suffered.

Product Recall

If your household has a Nintendo Wii(tm) then you will want to check your accessories to see if you have the recalled 4-dock battery recharger that has been recalled for fire and burn hazards. I'm not surprised by this with my kids having xbox 360 game stations and they get very hot you can feel the heat blowing out of the fan. Check your kids things and if you have this product, contact the manufacturer.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Trend setting style with a vivid bright look!

There is a great line of clothing, shoes, belts and handbags perfect for the fashion forward set. Ed Hardy designs bring the hip art you would see within a tattoo right to the shirt on your back. Vivid and exhilarating, showing off the intricate design of each unique product makes you feel confident and alive when wearing it.

The shoe line is a teenagers dream. the high top canvas design covered in artwork allows you to stand out in a crowd. The lace up high top shoe is perfect with jeans and shorts and works for males and females. There are low rise lace up shoes and slip on canvas shoes as well as unique exquisite boots. All of the artwork is detailed and sharp, just what a person wants to show off when stepping out.

Are you looking for that one of a kind stand out handbag? Ed Hardy has a great selection of bags to suit every taste. There are several styles to choose from and all the colors are hot and in style. Whether its a bag for a night out or something for everyday, Ed Hardy designed bags fit the bill and show off a woman's style.

Swine flu

The swine flu worries me! I'm diabetic and contracting a virus that kills people scares me to death. The new vaccines are being put into trials and there are supposed to be 160 million doses available by October. But, what is in the vaccine? That concerns me too. The entire world is battling this virus and with school starting and kids coming home carrying germs, how long will it be before one of mine brings something home? Prevention is going to be key this winter, although for the last 4 years I've caught something every August after school has started and one of my little darlings drags home some germs! You can read more about the swine flu and get updated news.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Breastfeeding and alcohol consumption

This North Dakota woman that was arrested and sentenced for child negelct over breastfeeding her 6 week old infant has made alcohol and breastfeeding a hot topic. Whatever the reasons behind her behavior she did one good thing and that is put this topic into the news across the nation so that mother's can make better choices and decisions. Was it a crime? The judge thought it was but what do other mothers think? I breastfed my children and I enjoyed a beer or glass of wine during the time I breastfed but I was worried about it and always pumped my milk prior to going out that night and then pumped the milk following for a full day and threw it away. I knew that what milk my babies received from me was clean and healthy. It's not that hard to plan ahead, I always had extra milk available in my freezer. I wouldn't feed my infants following a night out eating spicy food or something that I enjoyed but I knew would give them gas. This story in the news has prompted a lot of discussion and that is the only good thing that has come from this that is good news! READ MORE

Friday, August 7, 2009

One Krusty Mama: Blueberry Pie With Crumb Topping

One Krusty Mama: Blueberry Pie With Crumb Topping

Twitter Moms: The Influential Moms Network

Free Event Tonight with Atlanta Falcons

Hey football fans, this is a great opportunity to get your football fix with a free family event at Brookwood high school in Snellville, Ga. The Atlanta Falcons are putting on their Friday night lights and it is free to the public. There will be autographs and a firework display. READ MORE

Stay at home moms wanting to work from home

Today's economy is on the mind of most people and worrying over finances and how families will make ends meet could be keeping people up at night. A stay at home mom can branch out and find work from home opportunities if she is looking to bring in a little extra money. There are resources to help a mom find a flexible job. READ MORE

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

How to Make Southern Banana Pudding |

How to Make Southern Banana Pudding |

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Finding a babysitter

It's daunting to think of finding a babysitter to watch the kids. I know when my kids were small we didn't go out much because we lived far from family and I never knew how to find a babysitter. It's actually easier than I thought when I was younger. Today there are so many different resources for finding a quality babysitter. If you are looking for ways to find a person to watch your children, read more!

Baby hammock recall

There has been a recall for a baby hammock. If you have an infant and think you may have this product you should read more to find out how to contact the manufacturer and stop use immediately. This product has been recalled for fall and strangulation hazards.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Photos of visit

Family came and visited last week and we all have a lovely time! It was nice to see everyone and the kids enjoyed having their grandparents for a few days. We went to Amicola falls to show off the view of the water falls
We then hung out around the pool at their hotel.
It's a lovely little inn in Jasper the Woodbridge Inn and they had a nice pool surrounded by greenery. We also had a picnic at the park, that was a great way to enjoy the afternoon.
We took them to Ellijay, stopping off at the farmers market for some fresh peaches and samples.
Then into the old town square for a bite of lunch. It was a cute little hot dog and hamburger diner.
We strolled down the street and peeked in a few antique shops. It was truly a lovely weekend!

How to Help a Child Make Their Own Pinata |

How to Help a Child Make Their Own Pinata |

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Saturday, August 1, 2009

My New Message Forum

I am so excited that I got my message forum working and up and running for my website! I don't know how much traffic I will get, being that I'm a dud with promoting my blog, but I am proud of myself for doing it all being very techsavy challenged haha :) If you want to check it out I would LOVE to have visitors and feedback!

August Celebrates Breastfeeding

I remember when my babies were small and the special moments we shared in the middle of the night when I breast fed. I also remember how great my breasts looked and I was sad to see it change when I stopped breastfeeding. August is breastfeeding month and if you are a mother that is breastfeeding your infant you should celebrate the milestones of breastfeeding. If you are like me, with older children take a moment to remember those days, and the fond memories of having a baby in your arms. READ MORE

Product Recalls

There has been a recall on BabySwede baby bouncers. There is a laceration hazard in the product. Stop use and contact the company READ MORE

There has also been a recall on Hooded Boy's sweatshirts and warm-up suits from Burlington Coat Factory. READ MORE