Saturday, July 11, 2009


There is a great little extra money earner that I have been using and I can't keep secret any longer. After signing up and trying it for a couple of weeks to see if it was legitimate I am ready to say that YouData is the real deal. You click on advertisements and get paid a few cents for them and they deposit the funds into your Paypal every Friday like clockwork. No matter how small the amount is you get your deposit. It is a new program getting off the ground so you won't get rich quick but if you are willing to try it you will be adding a little something into your Paypal account every week and that can add up. It's better than digging through the sofa for change isn't it? Sign up today and start adding your money to your account every week.


mandatorybloghere said...

hey thanks for the great lead

Family Best said...

Your Welcome, I wanted to try it out before I posted it and for the last two weeks I had a deposit into my paypal. Now this is not going to get anyone rich but every penny counts! :)