Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Welcome Ziggy!

Introducing the new addition to our family our tiny Chihuahua, Ziggy! He is 7 weeks old and is full of energy when he's not sleeping. What an adorable joy he is already in our household and to our family.

He came home last night and the Dachshunds were very excited to get to know him. Phoebe, our female immediately wanted to baby him and mother him.

Delbert our older male dachshund was interested and probably was thinking "oh no, another baby" but very gentle and loving.

Smoochie was a little more weary being that he has always been the baby in the house the offspring of Delbert and Phoebe and very spoiled by everyone. However, he is trying to get to know Ziggy and just wants to take the toys from him but otherwise is getting adjusted.

Ziggy seems to be quite happy with his new home and hasn't whined or cried once yet. He is eating well and sleeping a lot like babies do and is enjoying going outdoors every couple of hours with the other dogs. He is precious and tiny. He is about 12 ounces in weight and is 6 inches tall, if that! He is about the size of a soda can. Our daughter Keegan is his little mommy and shes taking very good care of him around the clock.

The entire family is enamored with this adorable darling and we can't believe how we all fell in love immediately. His personality is not quite showing through but you can tell that he will be quite feisty when he gets a bit older.

There will be many stories to tell and exciting adventures ahead for our family and Ziggy as he begins to grow up in our household and part of our family. We look forward to sharing them with everyone.


mandatorybloghere said...

Awwww could these pics be any cuter?

Family Best said...

Isn't he darling? What a wild thing too he run's around at the speed of lightning, at least in his mind! :)