Monday, July 6, 2009

We the people of the United States

Can the government implement a single payer health care system without taking the Americans into socialized medicine? That is debatable rhetoric but look closely at the other countries that have socialized medicine. Do we want to risk our lives waiting for some government peon to decide if we are worth another day on this earth or not? You can look at H.R. 676 ( and read the bill that has been put out there for Americans to see, but is that the bill that will be voted on and made into law? I personally doubt it, there will be middle of the night amendments that will shape and squeeze the bill so that it turns right into socialized medicine with benefits to the power players and taxes to the people.

How can the American people trust our congress to do the right thing and represent the people? By their behavior and the bills that have been past in recent times there is no trust left in our congress. You can call yourself republican or democrat even liberal or conservative it doesn’t matter what you label yourself, you have to look at the bigger picture and see that corruption runs rampant in our congress and there is no representation for the people by either party. Term limits would be the right thing to be writing into law for the people. ( Show us something of value and stop playing games with our lives. Congress has done nothing but spent money that we don’t have and made more laws and more rules that are going to cost us our children and their children for years to come. With unemployment nearing ten percent now in the United States does congress really think they will be able to tax Americans to receive the funds to pay for all these things they want to implement? How can we pay taxes when we can’t even feed our children or keep a roof over our head any longer? They sink into their cozy beds at night and dine on fine foods and wine as we struggle to scrape up a pan of hamburger helper. Fancy parties and all access chat salons for $25,000 offered up by the Washington post ( as insiders to the white house to cuddle up to lobbyists and politicians and play like everything is happy and fine when there are people having to live in tents with their families because they’ve lost their jobs, cars and homes? Is this reality? Do politicians truly have a grasp on what is going on in America? When the Washington post is called on their swift idea they call it a mistake and ask to be forgiven. Now we are to be happy they want to take over health care and they are suddenly going to have our best interests at heart? I don’t think they will, I think it will turn out to be a nightmare just as everything else they stick their hands into does!

Times have become dire in America, our nation is a mess and the politicians continue spending money like there is a special tree out there somewhere where money grows rampant. Big business is continuing to give out bonuses and spend frivolously out of control because they can get away with it. Small companies are suffering and the so-called stimulus package that was to create more jobs is just sitting on the sidelines and there are no new jobs for Americans. The House just passed the Cap and Trade bill H.R. 2454 ( that is going to have Americans spending loads more on their utility bills and building of new houses if they could afford one. Now implementing California standards on building and living greener. That has really paid off for California hasn’t it? ( They are now out of money and issuing IOU’s to all the people that they owe money to. This is exactly where American is heading as a whole, out of money and up a creek. I wonder what legislation they will be able to stick to us with at that point? New taxes could be collected on the paddles for the creek?

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