Friday, July 17, 2009

Birthdays and Big Days

My daughter turned eleven this week and her birthday isn't just one day its everyday of the week in her mind. But, we all accommodate her because we all love birthdays around here. She got her precious puppy Ziggy a week early and has been babying him like mad and hes already rotten. We had cake and a nice dinner on Wednesday for her actual birthday. We went to the park on Tuesday for a picnic for her pre-birthday and are out to bowling and the movies tomorrow for her post birthday. It's an exhausting week for everyone but we are all enjoying the special fun. We are going to see Ice Age in 3D tomorrow then to bowl a few games with her friends. It should be good, I've heard great things about the film.

A few pictures of Keegan and Ziggy at the park:

Aren't they cute?
Looking forward to the weekend and then getting life back to normal, at least until the next birthday comes around!


JennyMac said...

Happy belated bday to her (mine is tomorrow so high five for Cancer girls). And my mom made a big deal out of our bdays growing up and I love her for it. Good for you too!

Princess Sarah said...

A belated happy bday to her. Thanks for the visit. Glad to know you through your blog.