Thursday, July 9, 2009


Ziggy is getting adjusted to his new home and he plays with all the energy he can muster running like a bolt of lightning, at least in his mind. He is hilarious to watch. He has no fear, in true chihuahua disposition and will stand up on his hind legs and nip and wrestle with the other dogs, even trying to take their toys from them. When he's expended all the energy he can muster he just passes out. He has kept us all quite entertained and laughing often the last two days.

He and Phoebe have gotten quite close, they wrestle and he jumps on her back but she loves every moment of it being the mommy dog and loving to nurture. She has missed not having puppies in the house since we got her spayed.

Smoochie is still trying to figure out if he likes the new puppy or not. He is beginning to play with him and is less concerned he will get the attention of everyone, but is still trying to take everything away from him and keeps a bit of a "I'm still the baby" attitude as you can see in his photo, he's sticking out his tongue at him!

When Ziggy has run out of energy he sleeps like a rock and is adorable! Who can resist a darling sleeping puppy or child? They are so sweet when they are sleeping aren't they?

He seems to be adjusting to the camera in his face all the time. He doesn't mind the flash but sometimes he does seem to think "Are you done yet?" I'm sure he feels like a celebrity being chased by paparazzi.

Who can resist loving this precious boy? He's just so photogenic and sweet and is going to be quite feisty as he continues to grow and adjust to his new home.

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