Monday, June 29, 2009

Getting Kids to read

Do you ever find it almost an impossible task to get your kids to read? I think they like the idea of reading but then don't want to take the time to sit down and actually put it in practice. I have had this hard fought battle for years and while I am an avid reader, thinking all along being a role model would make it just fall into place, I am still left with kids that like to read but aren't doing it! I have been taking them to the library more often, there is something about going to the library and checking out a book that seems to help get them reading. They have their cards and the responsibility of making sure they read the book in time to return it. Making evening time television free time gives them the incentive to read more. If they have no other distractions, they are more apt to pick up a book! I have been playing more trivia games with them and this has created a hunger to read to learn more things so they can win more frequently. At least with them being competitive the games are helping to push them in the right direction without them realizing it.

My entire point with reading is that it is a way to open their imaginations and fill their head with new vocabulary that will allow them to move forward into adulthood with some semblance that they are educated even if I do have to compete with the likes of the internet, television and video games. I think that I have after years of battling the reading blues, found some new avenues that are helping me to win. It may just be a small battle but in the long run I hope that I win the war and raise three well rounded adults that enjoy the art of literature and reading.

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