Sunday, August 31, 2008

That time of year again! :(

It's that TIME of year at our house with illness taking over and the worst to get hit is always me. Being diabetic its one of those things I deal with everytime I catch something I get it worse than everyone else. I swore we had the flu we all had the symptoms and I can't imagine we got it so early but if we did, then we at least got it over with already.

Now I am fighting a lovely bout of bronchitis. This is a miserable condition with all the coughing and feeling exhausted and not to mention the sore ribs feeling like you've been beaten with a stick!

It's so important that when you get sick that you take care of yourself, I know that it's important that I take my own advice and rest and relax as much as possible so that I will mend much quicker. Drinking as much liquid as possible and taking my blood sugar readings more frequently. It's been very trying and I'm feeling as if I will never see that feel good healthy day coming but I know its there! I just have to wait all this out.

It never fails that the beginning of the school year my family catches whatever is floating around at school, the kids bring it home like mud on their shoes and it infiltrates our home like a dark cloud. The bright side, once it's over we are usually good to go for the next year, but getting through this is very miserable.

There are a lot of remedies for bronchitis or upper respitory infections and for me the most effective is a nice pot of hot water with a towel over my head inhaling the steam. Of course, good hot steaming tea, my favorite is peppermint and good menthol chest rub. You can't beat a nice bowl of piping hot chicken soup to help make you feel better, the best thing to eat when your appetite is not at it's best. There are many, many diabetic recipes out there on the internet for soup.

If you want a little heat to your pallet there is a cajun chicken soup recipe that is wonderful to open up your head.

All I can say is thank heavens for Big Brother 10 live feeds during my recuuperation thats all thats kept me entertained. I am not usually an ADDICT of big brother, I do watch the show religiously and have NOT missed one season, but since coming down with this illness and TAKING a lot of down time instead of pushing myself so that I can recuppearte quickly, I have been enjoying the hamsters in the house they have kept me quite entertained!

I think my family is beginning to worry that I am never going to turn it off, they are quite bored with the antics of the ones left in the house and it seems to be the topic of all my conversations, being that is all that I find comforting. Politics seem to be all the rage on the television and I'm quite bored with it and the only other topic that I seem obsessed with is the search for that little girl in Florida, Caylee Anthony, and although in my mind and heart I know they are never going to find her alive I hold out hope and keep constant vigil on the news waiting to see if her mother will EVER tell the truth or be honest about the sitaution! The family of this little girl is in my prayers and I do hope that the mother of this little girl is given justice for what she has allowed to occur.