Thursday, May 15, 2008


I know I haven't been very up to date with my blog lately, but I have had so much going on with my family. Which of course, takes first priority in my life. My son had his prom and I made a wonderful scrapbook for him. That took a lot more time than I had thought it would :S Also, preparing for graduation, getting everything tip top and ready for all the family coming to town and preparing party items menus and all the invitations. And, of course I have two other kids, one with a massive end of school project that the entire family worked on building. The space needle using the actual plans from the 1962 blue prints, hes sure to get a good grade. We had a lot of fun building that. My daughter has been busy as well with some projects and getting ready for their end of the year activities. It's amazing how busy things get from Spring break until the end of the year!
I did the bird bath planter as I said I would and have a photo to share. My yard is really looking lovley and all the roses are blooming now its just gorgeous.
We went hiking at Amicoloa falls this past weekend for mothers day that was exciting and a lot of fun. Being busy is a great feeling you get so much completed and you feel so productive.
I will get back into my blog as soon as I get my childrens lives back into a normal phase!
Cheers! :) Oh wait I'm on my NEW computer and I don't have my photo of my bird bath planter haha I'm so silly, I will add that from the other computer later!

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