Friday, April 11, 2008

Finding a new perspective

I am usually an upbeat person looking for the positive in every situation even when I'm angry or cross I can step aside and see both sides so that I can find the positive in the moment. This past week has been very trying for me and I've had a very hard time pulling myself up to the top of the hole I have been sinking within. My fingers are hanging onto the edge and if you look you can see the top of my head but the strength in my arms is wavering as I try to pull and pull myself to the wide opening and inhale the fresh air and see the bright light. Do you ever feel that way? Well, my down fall was technology troubles.
My laptop will be a year old in May and I have already had it in the shop once, now I'm not going to rant about the qualities of the Acer product, I have some positive things to say about the computer itself and I have some negative feelings towards Vista but thats here nor there right now, being one that needs to keep order in her life and one that likes things to be just as she expects them to be would be my rant. I have such a hard time with change and trying to adapt to things thrown at me when I can't find the solution. I'm a fixer and a doer now a dealer hehe
My laptop was having a bit of trouble but it was working just not up to speed but my husband in his infinite wisdom was going to make it all better. Now I have a laptop that doesn't even boot without disk now. I have spent the week dealing with my anger without letting him know I'm angry, more trying to be positive as always and finding the light but as this week has wore on I've just gotten blank. There are no positive thoughts there are no negatives. I have decided that it's time to be productive and just find a way to get myself a NEW one and hope that he fixes that one for he and the children!
Now, its a new day, I'm feeling a bit like myself today and I'm ready to do some comparsion shopping because what I want is something that isn't going to cost me an arm and leg and something that is going to do what I want it to do but I don't need a lot of bells and whistles.
Where do I start? Hmmm thats the first query to ponder, yes? Well, thats where I am right now I'm going to investigate prices products and find something that I can enjoy and will do what I need it too.
With that on this quick and small rant about technology and how it really brings you down in a flash, I will move on and start shopping. When I am confident that I have some positive links to share I will continue my post :)
Happy day to all and have a great weekend!

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