Monday, March 17, 2008

Pet Health

I know I mention the care and health of pets quite often but I feel like it can't be said enough when you have a pet. I have on my to do list today to call the vet and take the dachshunds up to have their nails clipped. I am sure you are saying why doesn't she do it herself. Well, my phoebe has crazy toes and its so hard to do and I'm always worried about hurting her. So, it's worth my peace of mind to have the vets office do it for me for a small fee. Delbert doesn't need it done often because he runs so much that he wears his down. Smoochie is in between needing it more than Delbert but not near as often as Phoebe. So, today I will make an appointment to take them all. There are so many reasons to do this, or have it done. Overly long nails on a dog can cause them pain and can interfere in their walking. Dachshunds already bear so much weight on their fat little paws with their length its important to make sure their nails are short.
Last month was national dental month for pets, and I took Delbert in to get his teeth done because he has a hard time with his mouth. Even being a month later I'm seeing the yellowing of his teeth once again. I try, and I say that with a grain of salt, to brush all their teeth once a week. But, Delbert will bite he does not like his mouth fiddled with at all. His last checkup he had two teeth pulled because they had gotten bad, and they did that in a matter of a couple of months.
I watched a program on Food Network this weekend by Rachel Ray and she had some delightful recipes for dogs. She highlighted some wonderful activities and places that cater to pets and if you get a chance to watch the program, take the time it was inspirational. I enjoyed watching it and learned a few things as well.
Just to highlight my little rant and rave on pet health and because today is St. Patrick's Day I thought I would give you a site to see all the pet holidays that we all probably miss. I spent the weekend trying to find toys for my aquarium because I feel like since my tiger Oscar has passed the other albino Oscar is lonely and bored. I didn't have much luck, but I am sure there is something out there to entertain social active fish.
Just one more tidbit, being that weather is getting warmer and your dogs will most likely get into things that make them smell horrid. Don't forget to learn the proper way to bathe your pets. It's important that the experience is not life altering or scarring to your dog. My doxies love a bath; the ones that haven't had theirs yet stand at my feet waiting for their turn! It's so adorable. I just love the personalities of my pets! It makes having them worth every moment when you look into those loving adoring eyes.

Happy St. Patrick's Day to everyone I hope you enjoy the day and that you wear a bit of green! You don't want to get a pinch!

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